Monday, October 26, 2009

Barktoberfest 2009

Thanks to all who participated in Barktoberfest 2009! We had a wonderful turnout, despite being rained out on Saturday. Thanks to everyone for coming out and showing your support!

To view a video, <click here>.

Here are some photos from the event:

Below are the FOHA dogs who participated in this year's event:

Bali the English Setter mix

Billy Boy the Hound mix

Bizzy the Jack Russell Terrier mix gets some loving... and an application!

Brissa the Shepherd/Boxer mix shows June the Harrier the art of begging :)

Brissa the Shepherd/Boxer mix

Brodie the Yellow Lab mix

Calloway the Hound mix knows just how to work the crowd!

Charley the Shepherd mix is on a mission to find his forever home!

Jessamine the Petit Bleu de Gascogne

June the Harrier tries to find the treat under the bowl... hopefully her hound nose will give her an advantage!

Lamar the Australian Cattle Dog mix

Lightning the Border Collie mix

Nailey the Shepherd mix

Lexa the Yellow Lab mix and Strider the Beagle mix have a great time playing with each other!

Strider the Beagle mix takes on a Leonberger... if he stands really tall, they may just be able to see eye-to-eye!

Tika the Rhodesian Ridgeback mix

Treat the Flat-Coated Retriever/Border Collie mix

Truffles the Chocolate Lab

Here's the part that our volunteers enjoy most... seeing adopted FOHA dogs happy and loved with their forever families!






Enzo & Luna Lu







Mollie (1998 graduate)





Sims & Hanson



Here are some of the Pet Costume Contest participants:

And the winner is....

Here are some of the non-FOHA furry friends who attended Barktoberfest:

A cute-as-a-button French Bulldog puppy spent most of the time being carried like a little princess!

A couple of Norwegian Elkhounds

A senior Keeshond who is blind and deaf attended in style!

A pair of gorgeous Shiloh Shepherds had a great time at Barktoberfest

This Leonberger is truly a gentle giant

Hey, are you a German Shepherd, or a Retriever???

A cute little Shih Tzu poses for the camera

A couple Dachshunds don't mind hanging out with the larger dogs

Here is a handsome Great Dane who was adopted from a rescue group

An Australian Shepherd watches the activities

Beneath all of that fur is the bravest rabbit that ever lived! Osito the bunny (aka the Ewok) had many people wondering if he was the strangest looking Pomeranian at the event! :)

Thanks again to everyone who participated in Barktoberfest 2009!

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